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Trialjectory to find the right clinical trial.
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The $65B Clinical Trials Market Needs a Makeover. TrialJectory is up for the Challenge.

October 9, 2018 by Eyal Bino

Four years ago, Tzvia Bader was diagnosed with melanoma, a deadly form of skin cancer, with limited treatment options. There are about 100,000 new cases of melanoma in the US alone every year, and Tzvia was one of them. Since melanoma doesn’t respond well to the traditional treatments options (chemo and radiation), Tzvia constantly searched online for information on how to be matched with clinical trials that offer advanced treatment options, and got nowhere. This comes at no surprise. At the same time, more than 18,000 interventional clinical trials are currently recruiting over ten million patients for potentially life-saving experimental cancer drugs.

And yet, less than 5% of cancer patients end up enrolling in trials. This is because patients and oncologists have no smart tools to help them identify the right clinical trials. It’s clear, the $65B clinical trials market needs a makeover.

All this inspired Tzvia to launch TrialJectory, an AI-based clinical trial matching platform, which uses machine learning and advanced algorithms to help cancer patients and their oncologists find clinical trials that personally match their profile out of over 500,000 trial criteria.

Co-founded by Tzvia Bader, Avital Gaziel, Guy Gildor and Noam Geva and with offices in NYC and TLV, TrialJectory launched earlier this year and is in the process of closing its seed round from industry investors. The company partners with all sectors of the health industry to revolutionize the trial design and recruitment process, leading to reduced operational costs and expedited drugs’ time to market. We’re excited to have Tzvia and her team on board, as they take on the mission of revolutionizing the clinical trials market while empowering cancer patients to take ownership of their treatment. Good luck to the team!

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