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Pitaya Wins New Startup of the Year Award in Israel
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Pitaya Wins New Startup of the Year Award in Israel

February 1, 2018 by Rae Keinan

Rachel BrenderAlexis Ostrobrod and Gal Pe’er, co-founders of Pitaya could not have started the year on a more positive note, as they won Geektime’s award for ‘New Israeli Startup of the Year’ in 2017! The competition, held every year by Israel’s Geektime (the Israeli equivalent to TechCrunch), selected Pitaya out of hundreds of startups applying for the prestigious award and five who have made it to the final round.

Based in Tel-Aviv and New York, Pitaya is a data-rich booking platform for team-building experiences and people analytics, connecting small vendors in search of a market with team leaders and managers within multinational companies, including PayPal, Apple, Google, Facebook, and Autodesk, to foster employee engagement and culture in the workplace.

In an inspirational Medium piece titled “Winning in a Fractured Market. 850% Growth & the Network Effect of Change”, Brender shared what it meant for her and Ostrobrod to build the company as female founders looking to make a wide-industry impact, focusing from day one on customers first. We can’t wait to see what’s next for Pitaya as the company continues to make progress on all aspects of the business. Congrats Rachel, Alexis and Gal!

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