Over the past decade, NYC has established itself as a prime tech hub, offering a supportive environment where startups can flourish and excel. The direct and immediate access to the world’s best potential investors, partners, clients, and consumers has drawn Israeli companies to NYC at a record pace. Partner with ICONYC and you are right in the center of the most exciting tech ecosystem in today’s global tech world, bar none.

From the Valley
to the Alley

Today, an increasing number of institutional investors have set up shop in NYC to tap into the plethora of startup opportunities the city has to offer. The never-ending search for unicorns has clearly expanded from the Valley to the Alley.

With its vibrant and diversified entrepreneurial community, NYC is a natural setting for Israeli startups. The advantages of being close to major clients, sources of funding, a culture of innovation and an established community of Israeli entrepreneurs and supporters, position NYC as a strategic bridge between Israel and the US market.

“New York is no longer just about ad tech, media, commerce and fashion tech. In fact, it hasn’t been for years. New York has seen explosive entrepreneurial activity across a much broader cross-section of verticals and horizontals.”

Matt Turck, Managing Director, FirstMark Capital