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MyndYou’s AI Solution to Treat Alzheimer Disease Captures Attention of US Hospitals

August 15, 2017 by Eyal Bino

Ruth Poliakine Baruchi (CEO) & Itay Baruchi (CTO) co-founded MyndYou to improve the quality of care for millions of senior adults suffering from Alzheimer.

MyndYou is an AI-based, data-driven platform that uses data from the patient’s daily activity, multidimensional cognitive analytics, and artificial intelligence to deliver flawless, insightful and personalized information allowing for optimal cognitive treatment in the patient’s home.

The system uses (mainly) a smartphone app to passively monitor and collect multiple cognitive function markers such as speech, driving, and movement, through the patient’s daily activities. The day-to-day data from patients, along with input from therapists, are then evaluated and analyzed to provide real-time alerts and generate personalized treatment “maps”. MyndYou, originally formed in Israel, with a foothold in New-York, is definitely on a roll these days. After landing strategic investors such as Howard Morgan (First Round Capital) and Musketeer Capital and signing a strategic agreement with Genesis Healthcare, the company has recently announced a research collaboration with Massachusetts General Hospital.

The research hopes to validate MyndYou’s technology for the automated detection of cognitive changes in Alzheimer patients at an earlier stage. Pharma companies should gear up for the results – once validated, MyndYou’s AI tool could potentially be a true game changer for pharmaceutical companies developing Alzheimer’s treatments. Stay tuned.

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