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Founders Spotlight – Wishbox

May 10, 2019 by Roni Livneh

Remember the days where all you could choose from was large hotel chains when you traveled the world? Well, those days are over. Between Airbnb, boutique hotels, vacation rentals to name only a few, travelers have countless options when they go on vacation. Yet, property management companies struggle to provide a fully customized, personal experience to their guests. Until now. 

We’re happy to introduce you to a new ICONYC startup looking to break into the US market via one of the world’s leading tech ecosystems – NYC. Co-founded by David Mezuman (CEO), Jeremy Atlan (Biz Dev) and Shai Bar (CTO), WishBox is a next generation guest experience management platform. From initial booking to providing guests with smart, automated tools to enhance their stay, the platform makes it easy for guests to enjoy their stay while providing property management companies additional revenue stream channels to grow their business. 

With thousands of units on the platform and many happy customers, the company is expanding to NYC to accelerate growth and become a market leader in the space. 

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