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Founders Spotlight – Voiceable

March 5, 2019 by Roni Livneh

Are you a big Siri user? Think that voice technology is changing the world? Well, Voiceable is taking this to the next level and bringing this exciting technology to every website and every screen.

Co-founded by Gil Bar-Yoseph (CEO), Yair Nativ (COO) and Edi Rudyk (VP R&D), Voiceable provides AI-powered voice assistants designed to deliver Alexa-like experiences to any brand and website, with a big focus on e-commerce platforms. It is the only company that enables and scales quick integration of voice assistants aligned with brand identity, while leveraging the benefits of a fast, natural and intuitive interaction with customers. 

With initial customers in Israel and the US, and as voice technology gains popularity across industries and consumers, it’s clear that the future of voice is here to stay. 


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