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Founders Spotlight–

November 24, 2020 by Roni Livneh

Meet, a next-gen data discovery and protection platform for the enterprise.  

As unstructured data growth explodes – with data scattered across network servers, cloud drives, workstations and laptops – finding and managing sensitive data has become a major challenge for CISOs and CIOs of enterprise organizations. Suridata was born to address this problem so midsize and large enterprises can accurately discover, classify and protect their unstructured data, and meet their security and compliance needs.

Co-founded by Lee Kappon (CEO), Haviv Ohayon, and Eyal Tirkel, Suridata offers a platform that uses advanced learning ability that can be trained to recognize any type of sensitive and private data in any vertical, for any organization. By enabling a technology leap in data protection, Suridata’s product understands what is sensitive to each organization, so it can improve business productivity and safety.

Based in Tel-Aviv, the company is now in advanced stages of closing a seed round led by Israel-Colorado Innovation Fund, and other prominent angel investors and micro-VCs.

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