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Founders Spotlight –

July 6, 2020 by Roni Livneh

Introducing, a Next-Generation Virtual Learning Platform for Today’s Students

During COVID-19, millions of students, teachers and parents moved to distance learning within the blink of an eye. Schools were closed for months, and kids faced a new reality, with most schools using Zoom, Google Classroom and other platforms to continue learning. Add to that the gap in technology between students and teachers, the overload of information and lack of human element and classroom experience, and we’re facing a real problem. This is where Class.Me comes in. 

Co-founded by Nir Zioni (CEO), Amir Lis (COO) and Lior Lasry (CTO), Class.Me is a  virtual learning platform that helps students, teachers and private tutors study better together. Class.Me empowers seamless collaboration through an accessible, private, safe and secure source of academic support at scale. By providing a ‘Market Network’ of virtual tutors to assist students on-demand with homework, special projects and overall virtual learning, Class.Me is making a dramatic impact on student achievements and contributes to the success and effectiveness of school teachers and overall parent satisfaction.

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