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Founders Spotlight – Cangrade

March 2, 2021 by Roni Livneh

Hiring and retaining top performers is critical for enterprises looking to grow and expand in today’s dynamic and challenging market. Add to that the challenges of hiring great customer success and sales talent during the COVID-19 era, and using innovative HR solutions is becoming key in the ability of growing companies to thrive. Meet Cangrade, a platform that empowers companies to hire talent with the highest potential to succeed in sales and customer care. Cangrade’s AI-based solution predicts success up to 10x more accurately than traditional hiring methods by analyzing past performance data of existing employees in conjunction with psychometric assessment results. 

Co-founded by Gershon Goran (CEO) and Liana Epstein (COO), the company is on a mission to turn hiring into an accurate and equitable process by enabling hiring teams to make bias-free, data-backed hiring decisions. Cangrade’s AI-based technology provides organizations with predictive models of employee success and is promised to be up to 10 times more accurate than traditional hiring methods. 

Based in Boston and with over a dozen paying customers, Cangrade is already showing impressive growth and is well-positioned to make a splash in 2021. Excited to welcome Gershon and Liana to the ICONYC family!

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