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Forget Ritalin. Myndlift’s Solution improves Attention Disorders Without Negative Side Effects.
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Forget Ritalin. Myndlift’s Solution improves Attention Disorders Without Negative Side Effects.

December 21, 2017 by Eyal Bino

Aziz Kaddan has seen firsthand the negative side effects associated with the ADHD medication prescribed to children. That’s what inspired him to co-found Myndlift, helps people with ADHD in a way that replaces the need for medication and brings an advancement to treating this pervasive, neurological condition. It offers an innovative, yet accessible, alternative to ADHD medications.

Launched in 2016, the Myndlift solution is a combination of software that uses neurofeedback to measure brain activity which is tracked by a headset and then sent to a mobile app to show patient’s concentration levels. A web dashboard is provided to parents and clinicians to monitor progress. Being a cloud-based platform, Myndlift also allows therapists to grow their practice by offering clients the ability to train anywhere and at any time, while still maintaining complete control over patients progress.

Myndlift has raised $2M to date from strategic US and Israeli investors and is experiencing remarkable growth, with dozens of clinics opting to use the solution over the last 9 months. Moreover, in 2018 the company will be ready to launch a true game changer for ADHD patients – a brain-sensing VR product line.

One last fun fact about Myndlift – its co-founders, Aziz Kaddan and Annas Abu-Mukh both made the Forbes 30 under 30 list in Israel. The company has received lots of love from the press over the years, including coverage on CNBCIsrael 21CGlobes and Geektime, among other publications.

Want to learn more? Make sure to email Aziz Kaddan directly for more information on the solution and on how to potentially get involved.

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